Blessings, Prayers, Deities & Saints

A prayer in its simplest definition is merely a wish turned Godward.

In Anna Riva's words:

Spiritual strength comes from within ourselves with the help of God.

Holy blessings can only be received by those prepared for these gifts.

So put from your heart all malice, deceit, viciousness, and evil thoughts.

It is the author's prayer and sincere belief that your life will become blessed with more blessings than ever dreamed of.

Use the prayers, chants, and psalms organized herein freely, or compose your own.

Anna Riva was deeply religious and spiritual, dedicating her life to the study of many religious practices throughout history. Prayer was central to her life, bringing her many hours of solace, guidance, inspiration, and joy.

She was considered a neo-pagan who combined principles of classic religion with a studied fervor of the occult and less recognized religious beliefs, local practices, and superstitions.

She abided by sacred beliefs and a set of morals to be guided by controlling powers toward a healthy, vibrant and serene life.

Her practiced rituals were intended to be easy to use and focused on natural elements such as the planets, oils, herbs, incense, and candle fire. She translated her deep lifelong study of the history and principles of religion and the occult into understandable rituals.


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