Magic Square

To be knowledgeable on all subjects

To know false from true friends

To learn the secrets of love






High John



SCHEMHAMPHORAS #2: Bring divine guidance

Place under White Candle anointed with St. Anthony Oil

SEAL OF SPIRITS: Help in all things

Place under White Candle anointed with St. Jude Oil

SEAL OF TREASURE: Help locate lost articles

Place under Brown Candle anointed with Anise Oil

SEAL OF EARTH: Spiritual assistance

Place under White Candle anointed with San Cipriano Oil

SEAL OF POWER: Strengthen one's faith

Place under Pink Candle anointed with Blessing Oil

SEAL OF BARBUELIS: Gain secret knowledge

Place under Orange Candle anointed with Uranus Oil


AC/DC - Help with a decision (particularly romantic)

The formula for this is a closely guarded secret by those who know it, but a few occult shops do carry it.

While it obviously has connotation of heterosexual & homosexual love variations, it can be used by anyone who is facing a decision of choice.

Apply to the forehead just before going to sleep, and by the morning a dream or vision may help you decide which way to move in your situation.

BANANA - Reveal burdens

The banana grows on a palm-like plant with very large leaves which overlap at their bases to form a 'false trunk'. As the plant matures its true stem rises from the ground and pushes through the center of the 'false trunk' to emerge and become the bearer of male and female flowers. From only the female ones come bananas. The entire plant is cut down to harvest the fruit since they bear only once.

When you wish to emerge from whatever burden or misfortune is weighing you down so that you cannot flourish, use this oil as your personal scent.

BENEFICIAL DREAM - Remember dreams

The imagery which occurs during sleep is one of the extraordinary mysteries of life. Everybody dreams but no one knows why. Some believe that all four components of a person physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual contribute to one's dreams.

While the remembrance of dreams fade fast. they may linger long enough for an examination of their content and significance if this oil is applied to the temples and nape of the neck just before retiring.


Quick assistance will come to those who are in dire straits by use of this fragrance dedicated to the Mother of God.

Apply oil to the temples and inner wrists. Kneel and pray with sincerity for aid with your particular situation or problem:

Blessed Mary, Mother of God,

In my hour of need I call upon you.

Enfold Thy humble child into your love

Strengthen me so that

I may conquer this harmful and burdensome condition.


Believed to bring one into contact with the spiritual guidance of Buddha, and to stimulate latent mystical powers, when rubbed on the forehead.

The blessings of Buddha will be conferred upon those who keep a statue of Buddha in their home and anoint it weekly with this oil.


A musk-like fragrance which has many uses:

Rub on the hands for protection.

Anoint the feet for spiritual enlightenment.

Apply to the throat and beneath the breasts as a love perfume.

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