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In Anna Riva's words:

It is your personal affinity with your numbers and your confidence in them which gives them power.


It is quite easy to relate the daily numbers given here to the lottery if you wish to use it for this purpose.

As an example, first choice might be the Birth Number (see Personal Numbers) since it is considered most effective of all.

Next in importance is the Name Numbers.

Following the above two, check your Astrological or Zodiac Number, and consider including it.

Next inclusion to be considered are the numbers which are most harmonious with your Personal Number. You may decide to exclude those which are incompatible with your Personal Number.

Many days will proceed to the Planetary Influences, each affecting certain days of the week.

From the above, you have four digits: Birth, Name, Astrological, and Planetary.

If playing a 4-digit game, the above will fulfill your requirements. For a 3-digit game, choose Birth, Name, and Astrological. Or, if your instincts guide you, pick three of the four with which you feel most confident.


So many factors affect and influence games of chance that one should attempt to bring lucky vibrations into their own individual sphere by several methods.

Certain days are reputed to be more favorable for different persons, so it may be well to engage in games on these days only.

Before playing any game of chance, sprinkle your hands with Drawing Powder (visit the site at the bottom of the page for products) and rub it in well.

Carry with you at all times, but do not let anyone else see it or touch it, a small bag (any kind will do but leather, chamois, or red flannel is said to be most powerful) in which you have a magnetic horseshoe, a magnetic lodestone, a nutmeg of India, a Seal of Good Luck and Fortune, or a Seal of Honor and Wealth (for seals and talismans, click here).

To these things you may wish to add any other personal charms or talismans which you possess and which have proved their worth. You shall sprinkle the outside of the bag with three drops of Jockey Club Oil or Perfume once every week and on your particular lucky day.


This talisman (sage of the pyramids collection) should be bound onto the left forearm by means of a white ribbon and worn when playing games of chance. It should be touched with the right hand before beginning play but without attracting the notice of your opponents.

As with days, everyone has certain numbers which are best suited for the date he or she was born. One may wish to memorize his own numbers and be guided by them.

Each morning, before the sun rises, repeat Psalm 4 three times. Be of good spirit always, and may the high cards and lucky numbers come your way often.

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