I beseech thee to protect and prosper Thy servant on my daily journey. Bring unto me that which is mine, and bless me with the fruits of my labor. Grant an improvement in the conditions of my life. I ask no more than thou will freely give around in the asking, pledge Thee with faith and trust in all blessings.



SEAL OF THE SUN: Attract life's blessings

Place under Green Candle anointed with Sun Oil

MASTER KEY: Health and good fortune

Place under Red Candle anointed with St. Peter Oil

SEAL OF WITNESSES: Bring God's richest blessings

Place under White Candle anointed with Myrrh Oil

SEAL OF MERCURY: Bring wealth

Place under Green Candle anointed with Almond Oil



A legendary fragrance which is believed to bring good fortune. Bayberry scented candles can be obtained in almost any size, one of the most popular are the small votive-type.

Many homes burn one of these every day of the year based on the promises made in this ancient rhyme.

Bayberry candles

Burned to the socket

Bring luck to the house

And money to the pocket.

Double Action

(Green & Black)

For money, luck, or success rituals:

Write the intention of the rite on parchment and place it beneath the candle you have decided is appropriate for the purpose.

Light the candle and let it burn until it is consumed, or for one hour each day, whichever method is most convenient.

As you ignite the candle, repeat this chant,

Let the good come in, as the bad goes out,

Let the day be bright, and the night be stilled.

Let the mind be clear, let the heart be stout,

Let the soul be free, and the eye with beauty filled.



Anna Riva notes:

While black cats have long been considered a bad luck sign, the burning of a black cat candle is intended to reverse one's bad luck and draw the good luck.

To intensify the force of the candle:

Anoint with any of the "lucky" oils-Fast Luck, Gamblers, Jockey Club, Lucky Dog, or Black Cat.

Light the candle and burn it for seven minutes the first night, eleven minutes the second evening, then seven again on the third night, eleven on the fourth, seven on the fifth, etc.

Alternate the burning time each evening between the seven and eleven minutes until enough good luck is attained.

Seven Knob or Wishing

To make some secret desire or dream come true:

For luck and money matters

To use entire candle for one wish:

Burn one knob each day for seven consecutive days. The wish should be written on parchment paper and placed beneath the candle before it is first lighted. Just before lighting the candle each time, recite this simple chant seven times:

Candle, Candle, burning bright,

Bless this wish with your light.

For seven different wishes:

Write each wish on a separate small strip of parchment and pin, paste, or tie it around a knob of the candle. As each knob of the candle melts away, the wish is assimilated into the candle's energies which is setting up vibrations to work toward its fulfillment.

To gain worldly goods and material wealth, the Fast Luck Oil is popular.

To win any gambling wager, try the Special Dice Oil.

With a white Seven-Knob candle, burn one knob of it each day of the week. This insures good fortune in business.


ALMOND - Attract money

The ancient Egyptians regarded this fragrance as a symbol of wakefulness, & many moderns dab it over the eyebrow each morning upon getting out of bed to assure wakefulness.

Add to incense. Use about one drop per spoonful of Fast Luck or Wealthy Way Incense.

AMBER - Protect from ill luck

Very popular in many European countries as a protection against witches, warlocks, & ill luck.

For those who carry a Breastplate of Moses seal for protection from all harm, anoint it with this oil every seven days to intensify and prolong its effectiveness.

ATTRACTION - Increase magnetism

Should always be worn when searching for a mate.

Use as a perfume, & every seven days put a few drops in the bath water to sustain a continuous personal magnetism.

For a lucky day, sprinkle a few drops in the shoes you wear.


Includes most of the same ingredients as many of the lucky oils: This one brings good fortune to all areas of one's life when sprinkled in the shoes once a week.


To build the potency of your black cat bone, try soaking it overnight in this once a week. Each time this is done, the charm seems to increase its powers to attract those favorable vibrations which draw good fortune to its owner.


Add to scrub waters for extra strength to bring good luck to the premises.

Used in incense to magnify its powers.

Especially effective if added to Fast Luck Incense when you need extra-fast action.

Mix with Sandalwood Powder to induce powerful and intense vibrations which aid in one's meditations.







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