In Anna Riva's words:

Be sure to treat your customers with due consideration and with honesty, and always have the kindness of your heart showing on your face so that customers will come to you and give you confidence and respect.



To win respect and admiration, add to bath water. Or use an infuser in the bathroom or shower.


To increase business, add to bath water. Or use an infuser in the bathroom or shower.



Magic Square

To make oneself highly regarded by a boss

To be knowledgeable on all subjects

To know false from true friends






Boss Fix

High John


SEAL OF FORTUNE: Success in business matters

Place under Green Candle anointed with Money Mist Oil

SCHEMHAMPHORAS # 1: Attract customers and money

Place under Green Candle anointed with Mistletoe Oil

SEAL OF AIR: To find a job

Place under Yellow Candle anointed with Lucky Nine Oil


Place under Purple Candle anointed with John the Conqueror Oil

SEAL OF FIRE: Popularity and influence

Place under Red Candle anointed with Ylang Ylang Oil


Double Action

(Green & Black)

For money, luck, or success rituals:

Write the intention of the rite on parchment and place it beneath the candle you have decided is appropriate for the purpose.

Light the candle and let it burn until it is consumed, or for one hour each day, whichever method is most convenient.

As you ignite the candle, repeat this chant,

Let the good come in, as the bad goes out,

Let the day be bright, and the night be stilled.

Let the mind be clear, let the heart be stout,

Let the soul be free, and the eye with beauty filled.


Used for power and success:

Anoint with Mummy Oil.

Place on the altar along with a burner filled with Power Incense.

Light the incense and allow it to burn for ten or fifteen minutes while you concentrate on the project at hand.

Then ignite the candle and repeat this chant for several minutes,

As the fragrance rises ever loftier,

As the light glows ever lovelier,

Banish the forces which hinder my way,

Light the path to victory this day.

Seven Knob or Wishing


To make some secret desire or dream come true:

For luck and money matters

To use entire candle for one wish:

Burn one knob each day for seven consecutive days. The wish should be written on parchment paper and placed beneath the candle before it is first lighted.

Just before lighting the candle each time, recite this simple chant seven times:

Candle, Candle, burning bright,

Bless this wish with your light.

For seven different wishes:

Write each wish on a separate small strip of parchment and pin, paste, or tie it around a knob of the candle.

As each knob of the candle melts away, the wish is assimilated into the candle's energies which is setting up vibrations to work toward its fulfillment.

To gain worldly goods and material wealth, the Fast Luck Oil is popular.

With a white Seven-Knob candle, burn one knob of it each day of the week. This insures good fortune in business.


AS YOU PLEASE - Convincing

The use of this will bring success in almost any endeavor as it is formulated to overcome the objections of others to your plans.

Apply it to the fingertips, soles of the feet, & the throat just before you present your ideas or plans, & others will be willing to go along with your proposal.


Attract customers with money to spend into your establishment by sprinkling this across the entrance each morning just prior to opening time.

To lure browsers to a particular area of the store, rub a few drops of oil beneath the display of the goods you wish them to notice and purchase.


Use this with extreme caution as it is one of the most potent of the black magic oils.

The ones who desire to bind themselves to the Devil anoint their bodies with this before signing the pact or being initiated into the cult of devil worshippers.

For crossing one's enemies, sprinkle it in their path where they will step on it and it will cling to their shoes, causing them pain wherever they go.

To play havoc with a competitor's business, go into his store and purchase a small item, paying for it with a bill which has been sprinkled with Black Arts Oil. This allegedly causes the money in the cash box to begin to shrink until it cannot cover the expenses of the business.

To counteract the effects of this oil, burn Dragon's Blood Incense daily on any premises which you think may be affected as this is the only incense whose fumes can overcome the damage which may be done by the Black Arts oil.


A strong, powerful blend which bestows confidence in one's own abilities to those who use it as a daily perfume.

It is a favorite of salesmen who need to be aggressive in their approach to customers.


Rub on the boss's or supervisor's chair, or sprinkle across the doorway of his office so that he is sure to walk over it.

This is believed to cause the employer to look favorably upon one's work, often leading to a raise in salary and possibly a promotion to a better or more responsible position.


Increase traffic into the store by anointing the doorknobs and across the threshold at the entrance to the establishment. Do this daily, just before opening time.


From the rockrose plant of Cyprus (the birthplace of Aphrodite), this scent was brought into England by the 12th Century Crusaders.

It is a favorite of gamblers who use it for luck when playing, and is highly regarded by business people who have contact with the public in their work.

Rub some on the hands to bring great financial gains.


Attracts friends to the home and customers to a place of business when this pungent scent is added to the floor wash water.

Use it to anoint a Third Pentacle of Mercury design so that you will be more eloquent in letters, papers, or any writings. Keep the talisman in your stationary box and anoint it around the outer circle each time you begin writing.






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