Teach me to be anxious for nothing, and to accept thy wisdom which is greater than mine.

Keep me safe in my person and in my home.

Grant me the vision to know when to confront those who are against me, and when to withdraw from their company.

Let me not permit bitterness in my heart against mine enemies, but help us to love one another.


Cast a spell upon the person you wish to obey your wishes by writing your request on the reverse of a Seal of Aziabelis from the sixth and seventh Books of Moses.

If the desire is for a beneficial purpose, use Dove's Blood ink, but if your aim is to harm, then the Dragon's Blood ink would be more appropriate.

Anoint each corner of the talisman with oil as you chant with each drop:

Do my bidding, I demand,

Follow quickly what I say.

This is my firm command,

Obey at once, or rue the day.



Magic Square

To bewitch beasts

To call armed men to one's defense

To cast a spell upon a man









SEAL OF MEPHISTOPHILAS: Control one's enemies

Place under Black Candle anointed with Controlling Oil

SEAL OF ARIELIS: Compel others to bend to your will

Place under Purple Candle anointed with Commanding Oil

SEAL OF MARBUELIS: Bewitch others

Place under Purple Candle anointed with Damnation Oil

CROWNED SERPENT SEAL: Dominance over others

Place under Purple Candle anointed with Power Oil

SEAL OF MERBEULIS: Captivate others

Place under Pink Candle anointed with Bewitching Oil



Use a green skull to separate a person from their money:

The name of the person the candle represents is written on parchment with Dragon's Blood Ink along with the amount of money that is needed from that person.

Place the paper on the dish which is to hold the skull candle and sprinkle Money Drawing Oil onto it. Then place the candle atop the paper and, as the candle is lighted, chant this verse nine times quickly,

Keep your head, keep your heart,

From this cash you will part.

No harm do I mean to thee,

Just the money comes to me.

Burn the skull until the money is obtained.

Use a red skull to cause love to die:

When you are completely convinced that no good can come from the love a person bears for another, write the names of the two people involved on parchment with Dragon's Blood Ink and place it on the candle holder.

Anoint the paper with Separation Oil.

Place the candle above the paper. As the candle is lighted, chant this short verse over and over for several minutes, concentrating on the detachment of the two lovers from one another.

Flame of red, flame of love,

Cast it out from where it dwells,

As gently as the morning dove

Let it flee with no farewells.

Use the red skull to cause a person to move from where they live:

So if there is someone in your home who is unwelcome or if you have an unwanted neighbor, write the name of the one you wish to change their place of residence on parchment with Dragon's Blood Ink.

Anoint the paper with Exodus Oil and place it on the candle holder.

Set the skull on the paper and light it while chanting this verse.

Restless heart and restless soul,

You need a better place to rest.

No peace for you in your abode,

A new address will suit you best.


BEND OVER - Bend to your will

Try a bit on door knobs so that all who enter will be inclined toward you. This method also acts as protection against hexes.

If placed on each fingertip and over each temple, it is said to give one the power to bend others to your will.

AS YOU PLEASE - Convincing

The use of this will bring success in almost any endeavor as it is formulated to overcome the objections of others to your plans.

Apply it to the fingertips, soles of the feet, & the throat just before you present your ideas or plans, & others will be willing to go along with your proposal.

BANISHING - Get rid of visitors

Should you have unwanted visitors from time to time, and your cool reception has not discouraged them, write their names on a small square of parchment paper.

Anoint each corner of the paper with the oil and bury the charm on the pathway to your entrance doorway. Those whose names are scribed on the talisman will soon cease their unwelcome visits.


To increase one's strength to massive proportions, massage this into the chest, thighs, and forearms after the bath.

For overcoming, conquering, and controlling one's enemies, carry a Seal of Mephistophilas which has been dressed weekly at each corner with this magnetic oil.


A few drops added to the burner brings quick power to controlling incenses, causing all those within its sphere to favor the plans of the first person to inhale the fumes.

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