So many objectives in life, so many spells to achieve them.

Anna Riva compiled thousands of rituals to achieve a multitude of desires.

In Anna Riva's words:

A spell is a word, a formula, or a ritual which is supposed to have magical powers - an instant miracle.

It is a way to accomplish your objectives without work, study, or delay. Few of us can resist such a simple solution to our most vexing situations.

Herein there are magical procedures here for love, protection, resisting evil, increasing wealth, staying out of jail, easing pain, and many more.

Organized herein by intention, these legendary spells are compiled from ancient folklore, occult writings, regional superstition, and other mystical sources, as curated and modified by Anna Riva in her personal use and experimentation. .




Many rituals are included at this Intents link on this site. Generally, rituals are directed toward action­ of changing oneself or another, drawing lovers closer, reversing evil which has been thrust upon the home, causing a neighbor to move away, finding a job, attracting business, or other positive accomplishments. Success demands genuine dedication and involvement on the part of the petitioner.

And since it is one's own powers of mind, will power, mental energy, and positive attitude which brings about the success of the ritual, it is recommended that the rites be practiced daily until the mission is accomplished.

No complicated incantations are necessary. Simply sit quietly for a few minutes, blocking out all thoughts from the mind except the purpose for which the candle is to be burned. Concentrate on that objective completely-bring into the mind's eye a vision of the situation as you foresee it. It might be a picture of the one you love sitting beside you ... a relative who is ill can be envisioned well and energetic ... the money you need is there on the table in plain sight ... a neighbor who bothers you can be seen waving goodbye as they leave the area with all their belongings ... the bill you owe is clearly marked "paid in full". Whatever the intent of the ritual, the successful conclusion you anticipate should be forcefully brought clearly into view. See sharply and definitely the results as you know they will be.

In Anna Riva's words:

Be patient, be persistent, be sincere, be confident, and you cannot fail.

The rich rewards of life - peace of mind, an abundance of friends, freedom from bad habits, good health, a share of worldly goods, success in your work, respect from your associates, love from your family, and harmony with the universe - all can be yours.

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