Terminology of Voodoo

In Anna Riva's words:  

In New Orleans it is called "hoodoo."  In Cuba and throughout South America it has various names-"santeria," "chango," "naniguismo," "candomble," and most popularly " macumba."  In English the popular spelling is voodoo, probably from the French word "vaudois" which means spirit, and "vaudou" which means introspection of the unknown.

French is the written language of Haiti, but the use of phonetics is employed by the Creole peasants in speaking-there are no grammatical rules for pronunciation.  

Both black magic (directed towards evil ends) and white magic (concerned with easing misfortune and pain) are widely practiced, and the tools of this magic are numerous roots, herbs, oils, charms, candles, incenses, powders, essences, and other symbols which are endowed with qualities, abilities, and supernatural attributes for believers in this complex religion.

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