In Anna Riva's words:

Keep in your mind that love begets love,

so give of yourself to the loved one, and

let the sunshine of happiness enter your life.



To ensure a long and happy union, a bride may wear this or a carry a laurel seal.


The love root. To make someone love you dearly, carry this in a pocket, purse or mojo bag.


To protect a husband from the charms of others, wear this or carry it with you.


To ensure that a lover never leaves you, brew into a tea and wet the picture of a loved one with the tea water.


Anna Riva advises:

Rose quartz is worn or carried for love, fidelity, peace & a happy marriage.


Magic Square

To be beloved by one's mate

To cast a spell upon a man

To learn the secrets of love

To make oneself beloved by a married person

To be loved by a blood relative













SEAL OF LOVE: Hold the affections of another

Place under Red Candle anointed with Desire Me Oil

SEAL OF MARS: Hold marriages together

Place under Red Candle anointed with Cumin Oil

SEAL OF MERBEULIS: Captivate others

Place under Pink Candle anointed with Bewitching Oil


Double Action

(Red & Black)

For love, sex, or energy problems:

Write the intention of the rite on parchment and place it beneath the candle you have decided is appropriate for the purpose.

Light the candle and let it burn until it is consumed, or for one hour each day, whichever method is most convenient.

As you ignite the candle, repeat this chant,

Let the good come in, as the bad goes out,

Let the day be bright, and the night be stilled.

Let the mind be clear, let the heart be stout,

Let the soul be free, and the eye with beauty filled.


To keep a marriage working, intensify a couple's love for each other, and to prohibit interference in the relationship from outsiders:

Anoint the candle with Fire of Love Oil.

Recite the Marriage Prayer as you light the candle.

Oh God, to you I pray and call to help us every way.

Grant us understanding of one another,

and keep our love growing day by day.

Let others not interfere with this union we hold so dear.



Can be used for love objectives by anointing them with Come To Me Oil.

Burn them when the loved one is present.

Devil or Satan

For winning a loved one:

Anoint with Love Drops or Flame of Desire Oil.

Write your own name and the name of the one you are seeking to win on the back of the candle and then place it on your altar facing the wall. The back of the devil where names have been inscribed should be toward you.

Burn the candle for thirty minutes each day, and concentrate during this period on the one you wish to pay attention to you.

The ritual should destroy any sinister forces which may have been keeping your loved one from you.

Seven Knob or Wishing


To make some secret desire or dream come true:

For love and attracting objectives:

To use entire candle for one wish.

Burn one knob each day for seven consecutive days. The wish should be written on parchment paper and placed beneath the candle before it is first lighted. Just before lighting the candle each time, recite this simple chant seven times:

Candle, Candle, burning bright,

Bless this wish with your light.

For seven different wishes.

Write each wish on a separate small strip of parchment and pin, paste, or tie it around a knob of the candle. As each knob of the candle melts away, the wish is assimilated into the candle's energies which is setting up vibrations to work toward its fulfillment.

To attract a lover, try Attraction Oil or Love Drops.


AC/DC - Help with a decision (particularly romantic)

The formula for this is a closely guarded secret by those who know it, but a few occult shops do carry it.

While it obviously has connotation of heterosexual & homosexual love variations, it can be used by anyone who is facing a decision of choice.

Apply to the forehead just before going to sleep, and by the morning a dream or vision may help you decide which way to move in your situation.

ADAM & EVE - Heighten passions/rekindle dying flame

Used by both sexes as a love oil to heighten the passions & to bind together lovers who have quarreled or grown apart.


A potent concoction formulated for love goals, enhancing sexual powers, deepening a romantic commitment, expanding the ability to accept friendship and intimacy, or overcoming mental barriers which may have caused an avoidance of any real emotional involvement.


Not a black magic oil, but not an entirely innocent one either. It combines some angelic qualities with some devilish ones to result in an enticing, beguiling fragrance which will bind others to you with a bond of love and affection.


A lady who is seeking a commitment from her loved one can hasten his decision by using as her perfume this fragrance of brides. The lady who wears this scent on her wedding day will surely have a long and happy married life.


A musk-like fragrance which has many uses:

Rub on the hands for protection.

Anoint the feet for spiritual enlightenment.

Apply to the throat and beneath the breasts as a love perfume.







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