To end strife and discord, sprinkle around the home.


Let some soak in a glass of wine for three hours. Then sprinkle a small bit outside your front and back doors. Do this faithfully for twenty-one days, and it is said that before long your wandering lover will return to you.



Magic Square

To be beloved by one's mate

To learn the secrets of love







SEAL OF LOVE: Hold the affections of another

Place under Red Candle anointed with Desire Me Oil

SEAL OF MARS: Hold marriages together

Place under Red Candle anointed with Cumin Oil



To keep a marriage working, intensify a couple's love for each other, and to prohibit interference in the relationship from outsiders:

Anoint the candle with Fire of Love Oil.

Recite the Marriage Prayer as you light the candle.

Oh God, to you I pray and call to help us every way.

Grant us understanding of one another,

and keep our love growing day by day.

Let others not interfere with this union we hold so dear.


ADAM & EVE - Heighten passions/rekindle dying flame

Used by both sexes as a love oil to heighten the passions & to bind together lovers who have quarreled or grown apart.

ANGER - Calm tempers

This is used either on oneself, or others, when tempers flair & passions explode to quiet, soothe, & calm. Rub behind the ears & across the forehead for quick result, at the same time composing the mind by repeating slowly from Psalm 36,

In thy light shall we see light.

Continue thy loving kindness unto them that know thee,

Lend thy righteousness to the upright in heart.


Not a black magic oil, but not an entirely innocent one either. It combines some angelic qualities with some devilish ones to result in an enticing, beguiling fragrance which will bind others to you with a bond of love and affection.


The suffering usually accompanying partings can be eased by an application of a few drops of this onto a possession of the one who is leaving.

A piece of cloth which has been worn but not yet washed is one of the most suitable talismans. If such is not available, a piece of jewelry, a dish, book, or any item that has been touched or used by the departing party is appropriate. Sprinkle the chosen item with the oil, place it in a box or container, and seal the package securely. Place the charm in a secret place where no one else will handle it. Take it out every third day and reanoint it, but do not unseal it.

This ritual will often hold the person, preventing their planned departure.


Use it to anoint the head of a sick person to hasten their recovery.

Stimulates the energy, when used on one's own body.

In various rituals, it is favored for anointing incense burners.

The symbol of motherly love, this heady fragrance has potent power when one wishes to improve any relationship which is faltering.

Use sparingly on the wrists, ankles, and back of the neck. Daily use, along with a cheerful attitude on your part, will cause others to treat you with affection and consideration.


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