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Hand of Glory

This legend originated hundreds of years ago during the Middle Ages and has been attributed to Albertus Magnus.  The spell called for the amputated hand of one who had been hanged or strangled. Gruesome and specific instructions were given as to how to dry the hand. Then a candle of virgin wax was burned and the "light of the taper will paralyze completely the faculties, both mental and physical, of everyone who comes within its influence." Nowhere in any of the description of this almost omnipotent spell is there any explanation of how the originator of the procedure was to escape the results of his own work!

The present day ritual has been patterned after the original to the extent consistent with practicality and common sense. And, for those who believe in sympathetic magic, it remains one of the most powerful controlling spells in use today.

The hand can be shaped with modeling clay which is available from art supply stores or craft shops. The size does not matter except that the hand must be formed large enough so that an indentation in the palm can be made large enough and deep enough to hold a candle upright. It will probably take at least four or five pounds a clay, and if small bits of the enemy's clothing, nail clippings, or hair cuttings can be obtained and mixed into the clay, the potency of the spell is increased.  Once the hand has been shaped, set it aside and allow it to dry until it is completely hardened. If there is an urgent need to begin the ritual, the hand can be hardened quickly by placing it in a warm oven for an hour or so. Some persons make the hand more attractive by painting it, usually in red, but this is not necessary to the ritual.

The hand is now ready for use. Place in the "candle holder" you have molded in the palm area a black candle. The size or shape does not matter, but the color is important. Dress the candle with an appropriate oil. Use Controlling Oil if the purpose of the ritual is to cause another to bow to your wishes or desires. If the ritual is designed to bring pain and distress to a foe, use the Voodoo Oil. Use Confusion Oil if you wish to bewilder and perplex a person who has been annoying or harassing you.

As the candle is lighted, concentrate deeply on the person who is the object of the ritual. See them in your mind's eye doing whatever you have asked them to do for you, visualize them in abject despair and writhing in pain, or form a mental image of them wandering aimlessly about in total confusion.

Burn the candle for about ten minutes each night at midnight for seven consecutive nights. While it is burning you are sitting quietly, lOOking into the flame, while you envision the object of the spell in whatever position you wish him or her to be.

Ceromancy & Candle Divination

To know the future by a candle's flame is covered quite adequately in this little eight-line poem from an unknown poet.

Touch a light to the little wick, Watch it burn to the candlestick. Study with care the little blaze; Fortunes are told in its tiny rays.

If an unseen power makes it weak and low, For you it foretells a tale of woe.

If that same power makes a blaze bright and healthy, You'll be happy and wise, be good and wealthy.

For those who wish to pursue ceromancy, which is divination from forms produced by dropping melted wax in water, it is simple enough for anyone to try. 

Use any color candle, but the darker hues will show up best.  It takes only a bit of imagination on the part of the magician to "see" the images which emerge from a bit of hot wax allowed to drop into a bowl of cold water.

AIRPLANE - A trip or a disappointment

ANCHOR - Your loved one is true

BABY - Troubles are coming

BALL or BALLOON - Your problem will not last very long 

BEANS - Money difficulties

BED - A vacation would be good for you 

BELLS - A wedding

BIRD - News will reach you Soon 

BRIDGE - Take a chance 

BROOM - Make a change

CANDLE - Spiritual growth

CAT - A friend is untrue

CHAIN - Go ahead with your plans 

CIRCLE - Reconciliation

CLOUD - Something or someone threatens you 

CROSS - Do not fear for you are protected 

CROWN - Sickness

CUP - Bitter quarrel with a friend

DOG - Your self-esteem is too low

EAR - Be alert for an opportunity to advance in your work 

EGG - New developments soon

FAN - A surprise is in store for you

FEATHER - The problem will be solved

FISH - Someone will betray you

GHOST - Someone from the past is looking for you 

GRASS - Good fortune is approaching

HAT - A change of location is indicated

HEART - A friendship will turn into love

HOUSE - Better times are coming

KEY - A setback in plans should be expected 

KITE - Your wish will come to naught

LADDER - Take steps to change your attitude toward an old friend

LEAF or LEAVES - Things will be changing soon

LION - An unpleasant situation is developing

MOON - Indicates more money

MOUNTAIN - Good friends are willing to help you

PANTS - You will be tempted

PEN - Expect a letter from a relative

PIN - Your lover may be attracted to another 

PIPE - Peace and comfort

RING - Marriage may be possible in the near future 

SCISSORS - Separation

SHOE - Be suspicious of a new acquaintance 

SNAKE - Be on guard against an enemy 

SPIDER WEB - Pleasant happenings

STAR - Happiness

SUN - Good fortune

TABLE - An abundance of blessings 

TREE - A good time for new undertakings

UMBRELLA - Trouble is coming

WALKING STICK - Get out of the house and visit friends 

WHEEL - One who has been away will return soon 

WITCH - Danger will pass you by

WORM - Business troubles ahead if you aren't very careful

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