As surely as I trust in God, I know Thy will protect me from all harm.

With Thy presence as my shield, no one can injure me.

Cause even the dark forces to work for good, and bring me quickly from my distress.

I call upon Thee from my heart, and wait patiently and confidently for Thy strength to fortify me.



Magic Square

To hinder sorcerers from casting spells

To call armed men to one's defense

To bewitch beasts









BREASTPLATE OF MOSES: Protect from all harm

Place under Purple Candle anointed with Protection Oil

SEAL OF GOLDEN CANDLESTICK: Safety from all harm

Place under Blue Candle anointed with Evil Eye Oil

BREASTPLATE OF AARON: Protect from sudden death

Place under Purple Candle anointed with Bruno's Curse Oil

GREAT PENTAGRAM: Freedom from fear

Place under Blue Candle anointed with Courage Oil

SEAL OF EARTH: Spiritual assistance

Place under White Candle anointed with San Cipriano Oil


Seven Knob or Wishing

To make some secret desire or dream come true:

An entire candle can be used for one wish.

Burn one knob each day for seven consecutive days. The wish should be written on parchment paper and placed beneath the candle before it is first lighted. Just before lighting the candle each time, recite this simple chant seven times:

Candle, Candle, burning bright,

Bless this wish with your light.

For seven different wishes.

Write each wish on a separate small strip of parchment and pin, paste, or tie it around a knob of the candle.

As each knob of the candle melts away, the wish is assimilated into the candle's energies which is setting up vibrations to work toward its fulfillment.

To win a court case:

Use a red seven-knob candle anointed with Just Judge Oil.

Burn one knob each evening for the seven days before going to trial.

With a white Seven-Knob candle:

Burn one knob of it each day of the week. This provides the needed protection from harmful influences.


AMBER - Protect from ill luck

Very popular in many European countries as a protection against witches, warlocks, & ill luck.

For those who carry a Breastplate of Moses seal for protection from all harm, anoint it with this oil every seven days to intensify and prolong its effectiveness.

AFRICAN JU JU - Protecting

Same as Ju Ju oil, an attracting and protective agent. An extremely potent enticement when worn as a perfume, said to make the user alluring, bewitching, & seductive. It is also a protective oil, guarding the wearer from hexes attempted by others.

BEND OVER - Protecting against hexes

Try a bit on door knobs so that all who enter will be inclined toward you. This method also acts as protection against hexes.

If placed on each fingertip and over each temple, it is said to give one the power to bend others to your will.

BERGAMOT - Dispelling

Wear in the palm of each hand to protect one from all harm and to dispel any hex which might be attempted against them.

To attract riches, rub some on the inside of your purse, pocket, or wallet.


Also known as Cat Bone, this is one of the luckiest of all scents & is favored by gamblers.

Anoint the racing form or lottery ticket on each corner.

Sprinkle it at all entrances doors and windows to the home so that negative entities will be unable to enter and take possession of the premises. It can also be used as one's daily perfume. This assures that only favorable circumstances and friendly encounters will be experienced as the day progresses.


Rub on the bottom of feet and on the wrists as a protection from evil.

To insure yourself from sudden or violent death, secure a seal called Breastplate of Aaron and anoint it weekly with this oil.


Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good, says the Bible (Romans 12:21).

A help in doing this is to pray sincerely as you anoint the temples with the oil.

Oh, Father, take this burden from my life,

Let me be free to serve Thee.

Take from me the pain of sin and vice,

Leave only love and kindness is my plea.


Described in the Bible as a tree "of a high stature" and" the cedar of God,' the symbolism includes pride, power, greatness, beauty, excellence, and prosperity because of its luxuriant growth and length of life as well as a symbol of the Messiah and His kingdom.

Use it daily as a perfume to instill confidence in all one's dealings.

Apply it to the lips before praying so that the words will be wafted gently toward heaven and be received favorably by God.

Anoint your Seal of Long Life with it to add to it~ powers for protecting one from misfortune and misery and insuring a lengthy stay on this earth.


A musk-like fragrance which has many uses:

Rub on the hands for protection.

Anoint the feet for spiritual enlightenment.

Apply to the throat and beneath the breasts as a love perfume.




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