Magic Square

To know all things past and future

To see visions in flames of fire

To see visions in mirrors or glass

To be knowledgeable on all subjects

To know false from true friends








Nine Mystery



High John


SCHEMHAMPHORAS HOLY SEAL: Contact departed souls

Place under Brown Candle anointed with Spirit Oil

SEAL OF KNOWLEDGE: Receive information through dreams

Place under Orange Candle anointed with Dream Oil

SEAL OF VENUS: Learn secrets through dreams

Place under Brown Candle anointed with Dream Oil

SEAL OF BARBUELIS: Gain secret knowledge

Place under Orange Candle anointed with Uranus Oil

SEAL OF EARTH: Spiritual assistance

Place under White Candle anointed with San Cipriano Oil


Double Action

(Red & Black)

For love, sex, or energy problems:

Write the intention of the rite on parchment and place it beneath the candle you have decided is appropriate for the purpose.

Light the candle and let it burn until it is consumed, or for one hour each day, whichever method is most convenient.

As you ignite the candle, repeat this chant,

Let the good come in, as the bad goes out,

Let the day be bright, and the night be stilled.

Let the mind be clear, let the heart be stout,

Let the soul be free, and the eye with beauty filled.


ANISE - To increase one's clairvoyant abilities

Used by Voodooists before & during rituals.

Add to the bath water, & anoint the premises & the body before gazing into the crystal ball or shuffling the cards for telling fortunes

AC/DC - Help with a decision (particularly romantic)

The formula for this is a closely guarded secret by those who know it, but a few occult shops do carry it.

While it obviously has connotation of heterosexual & homosexual love variations, it can be used by anyone who is facing a decision of choice.

Apply to the forehead just before going to sleep, and by the morning a dream or vision may help you decide which way to move in your situation.

ARIES - Increase clairvoyant abilities

( March 21 - April 20). Mars is the ruling planet. The House of Meditation & Ufe. Lucky day is Tuesday. Lucky numbers are one & two.

Noted for their push, drive, & abilities, Aries people are aggressive & courageous leaders, capable organizers, & clear direct thinkers. They can use this special oil which enhances their natural clairvoyant abilities, & in the work they can do in healing with their hands & magnetic presence.


There can be dangers with travelling on the astral plane and it is not recommended. However, should one decide to persist in this adventure, anoint the body at the pulse centers particularly the wrists and temples and chant as the oil is applied:

Be with me on this journey

Keep me safe and secure.

Ease the passage there and back

As I venture this astral tour.

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