Personal Numbers

In Anna Riva's words:

Each number has particular qualities and often these explanations give insight into their problems. They reveal why one is more compatible with certain persons than with others, or they guide one towards selecting a career or understanding of a shortcoming.

Number Significance

Creation, Energy, Boldness, Beginnings, Strength

Ones are thinkers, pioneers. They are filled with the vigor and desire for action, but are more suited to meeting immediate situations than to planning for the future. Ones are the first to be called on to deliver, and the first to be blamed when they can't, even though someone else may be the cause of the failure. These people usually are successful in financial dealings, but they spend the money they make freely. Many Ones are eccentric, egotistical, self-centered, and should avoid making hasty decisions under the excitement of the moment.

Beauty, Culture, Perception, Consciousness

Twos make warm, loyal friends and are kind, peace loving, tactful, and good judges of human nature. They are overgenerous and often give to others, thereby neglecting their own needs. They have a need for balance, which leads them to recognize and consider both sides of a situation -- sometimes to such a degree that they find it hard to make a definite decision. Twos should avoid worry over small matters, seldom if ever indulge in arguments, and simply make the most of their agreeable, friendly qualities.

Refinement, Enlightenment, Thoroughness

Threes are affectionate, cautious, sympathetic, fun loving, cheerful, and idealistic. They have abilities of many kinds, are usually good at public speaking, acting, singing, writing, dancing, or painting. Threes are energetic, with little patience for trivial problems.

Stability, Security, Reliability, Endurance

Fours are sometimes hard to understand and usually handle problems and their affairs in a way which is different from others. They feel that rules are made to be broken, and this can cause others to regard them as peculiar or strange. They have a few good, loyal friends and do not worry about those who are standoffish.

Change, Movement, Impulse

Fives are good judges of character and select a few close friends rather than many casual ones. They are perfectionists, and only the best of everything is good enough for them. As long as there is excitement and challenges, they are happy.

Magnetism, Arts, Love, Sex

With a magnetic personality, lucky in money matters, and attractive to the opposite sex, life can be a bowl of cherries. Sixes, however, tend to be skeptics, miserly, and self-centered. As long as they are aware of these tendencies and keep them in perspective, their lives will be truly blessed.

Wisdom Mysticism, Success

Sevens are creative, intellectual, studious, and desirous of the finer things in life. They are naturally fond of the occult and the mysterious and, as a result, may become moody and depressed from time to time. These persons can direct their natural talents toward art, science, or philosophy, often attaining prominence in their chosen profession. While sevens are quite capable of solving intricate problems, they seldom truly understand themselves.

Evolution, Justice, Strength, Genius, Business Success

Eights have strong personalities, good business acumen, are very active, and excel in technical and scientific fields. They are willing to take risks to gain their objectives, and usually become well known in their chosen profession.

Efficiency, Dominance, Consciousness, Humanitarianism

Nines have universal love, are unusually psychic, often possessing telepathic minds. They are even tempered, have a fertile imagination, and often possess poetic or artistic talents. They are born aggressors and have few, if any, fears.

Hourly Number

There is little attention given to the favorable or unfavorable influences of time except that, should your daily number be in harmony with the hour's number, your activity during that time will probably result in pleasure, monetary gain, spiritual enrichment, or other advantageous effects. This applies whether the project is conducted in the AM or PM hours.

How to Find One's Birth Number

Many believers in the the power of numbers feel that he date of one's arrival into this world is of more importance than the name one is given by others. The belief is based on the fact that, during a lifetime, the name can change (sometimes several times) but the birthdate endures always and forever the same.

It is quite simple to figure out the birth number. It consists of the month's number (1 - 12), the day's number (1 - 31), and the year's number (a total of the four digits).

Click on each month for an extended list of lucky numbers. More coming soon!

3 - March

4 - April

5 - May

6 - June

As an example, let's determine the birth number of one born on August 6, 1954.

(Month): August = 8

(Day): 6 = 6

(Year): 1954 (1+9+5+4) = 19

Total: 33

Then 3 + 3 = 6 which is the Birth Number for that birthdate.

Name Numbers

It is quite easy to determine anyone's Name Number. All you need is the complete name. Whether the birth name, one acquired by marriage or other legal change, or an assumed one as used is a personal choice.

General, the modern alphabet we are all familiar with is chosen. However, for those who wish to use the Chaldean which dates back to 1000 BC, this is also given. The sacred number 9 is omitted in the Chaldean alphabet but, of course, it is included in totaling the letter values.

Zeroes have no value in numerology and are eliminated from totals. For instance, should the addition of the name numbers result in a total of sixty, the zero is dropped and the Name Number is six.

Where a total might be 64, the 6 + 4 becomes 10, and the zero is eliminated, leaving the Name Number as one.

As an example, let's use the author's name with the modern alphabet.

We now add all numbers to a total:

1 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 4 + 1 = 63

By using the Chaldean alphabet, the result is sometimes different.

1 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 5 + 3 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 43

Then 4 + 3 results in 7 as the Name Number

Zodiac Number

Many feel that the astrological sign under which one is born may be significant in one's life and can be included as a consideration when selecting numbers on which you plan to wager, begin a project, start a trip, or make an important decision. See Also: Astrology

Planetary Numbers

Each planet has a particular number with which it is associated as well as specific areas of influence. For those who wish to include planetary influences in their consideration, their number and areas of influences are given.

Each planet is the ruler of its respective day of the week, in order from Sun on Sunday through Saturn on Saturday.

Hence, the days are numbered the same as the planet which rules each.

The "Good" and the "Bad"

Everyone seems to have "good" days or "bad periods for no apparent reason. It is possible that there are some influences beyond all human control which have a factor in this seeming phenomena.

Those who believe in the power of numbers are convinced that by knowing in advance of these times which may be either favorable or unfavorable gives one an opportunity to offset the negative potential or to enhance the positive aspects of any situation.

The following chart of Lucky and Unlucky Months may help one take advantage of fortunate periods and better cope with the less fortunate times.

Ever wonder why you meet some people and seem to "hit it off" with them right away, while others rub you the wrong way no matter what they do?

It could be that your Personal Number simply is not compatible with theirs, or that your individual numbers blend to complement each other in small ways which brings almost instant affinity.