Oil Rituals A to I

There are countless rituals involving occult oils.   

Experiment and modify the spells to suit your particular purpose.  

For it is your mental energy and the power of your subconscious mind which is the true magic.

In Anna Riva's words:  

In this A to Z list you will find one or more which is formulated to help you solve the problem, do the job or assist you with the situation you are facing. 

No attempt has been made to give exact instructions, for the user should choose his own methods of use. 

In many spells, suggestions of "apply to the body," "anoint the candle," or "add to incense" is given because this has been proved successful for the author.  But, unless specific warning of how NOT to use the oil, the reader can and should experiment with the spell to find the most convenient way to achieve the desired results.  


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Cast a spell upon the person you wish to obey your wishes by writing your request on the reverse of a Seal of Aziabelis from the sixth and seventh Books of Moses.  

If the desire is for a beneficial purpose, use Dove's Blood ink, but if your aim is to harm, then the Dragon's Blood ink would be more appropriate.  

Anoint each corner of the talisman with oil as you chant with each drop:

Do my bidding, I demand,

Follow quickly what I say.

This is my firm command,

Obey at once, or rue the day.

ABSINTHE - Hexing enemies

This is a hexing oil used on one's enemies.  

Do not use it in your own home, but apply it to the body of a foe secretly so that the harm they have done to others will be drawn back unto themselves.

AC/DC - Help with a decision (particularly romantic)

The formula for this is a closely guarded secret by those who know it, but a few occult shops do carry it.  

While it obviously has connotation of heterosexual & homosexual love variations, it can be used by anyone who is facing a decision of choice.  

Apply to the forehead just before going to sleep, and by the morning a dream or vision may help you decide which way to move in your situation.

ADAM & EVE - Heighten passions/rekindle dying flame

Used by both sexes as a love oil to heighten the passions & to bind together lovers who have quarreled or grown apart.

AFRICAN JU JU - Protecting

Same as Ju Ju oil, an attracting and protective agent.  An extremely potent enticement when worn as a perfume, said to make the user alluring, bewitching, & seductive.  It is also a protective oil, guarding the wearer from hexes attempted by others.

ALGIERS - Sensuous setting

From this melting pot on the Mediterranean Sea comes an intriguing fragrance which brings a mysterious allure wherever it is used.

Apply it to a light bulb (before it is turned on, never when the bulb is already heated) for a sensuous setting that stimulates the tender feelings of the heart for all those in the room.

ALLSPICE - Determination

Rubbed on the feet and navel.  This is said to add strength to one's will & determination, thereby assisting in gaining all objectives.  

It gives incentive & energy to the lazy when applied around the neckline, & can spark all who use it with the ambition to succeed in work, school, or business.

ALMOND - Attract money

The ancient Egyptians regarded this fragrance as a symbol of wakefulness, & many moderns dab it over the eyebrow each morning upon getting out of bed to assure wakefulness.

Add to incense.  Use about one drop per spoonful of Fast Luck or Wealthy Way Incense.

AMBER - Protect from ill luck

Very popular in many European countries as a protection against witches, warlocks, & ill luck.

For those who carry a Breastplate of Moses seal for protection from all harm, anoint it with this oil every seven days to intensify and prolong its effectiveness.

AMBERGRIS - Add power

This can be used in conjunction with any other oil of your choice as well as alone for those who may select it as an enchanting personal fragrance.

When applied along with another scent it adds strength & power to the intended purpose of the charm.

ANGEL - To attract friends

A peaceful oil, pink candles may be dressed with this to attract friends, & white candles anointed with it to calm a trouble home.

Angels, spirits, demons, & goblins may be attracted to the earthly planet when oils they like are used.  This odor is pleasing to angels & should be placed where the invocation is made, saying:

Here is thy favorite oil 

which I have placed before thee to please thee 

so thou may see my intentions are sincere 

& my words are truthful.

ANGER - Calm tempers

This is used either on oneself, or others, when tempers flair & passions explode to quiet, soothe, & calm.  Rub behind the ears & across the forehead for quick result, at the same time composing the mind by repeating slowly from Psalm 36,

In thy light shall we see light.

Continue thy loving kindness unto them that know thee,

Lend thy righteousness to the upright in heart.

ANIMAL - Lose shyness

This is not intended for any four-footed friends, but could turn a shy miss or timid beau into an aggressive feline or ferocious tiger.  Use sparingly as it is highly concentrated.

ANISE - To increase one's clairvoyant abilities

Used by Voodooists before & during rituals.  

Add to the bath water, & anoint the premises & the body before gazing into the crystal ball or shuffling the cards for telling fortunes

APHRODISIA - To excite great passion in another

Sexy, sexy, sexy.  Should be used sparingly, & only near the person you wish to arouse.

Secure for yourself a Fifth pentacle of Venus design (draw one as pictured in the Greater Key of Solomon book or purchase it from an occult supply house).  Anoint it with oil, & place it in the pocket or purse of the one you wish to attract.


Rub on the body to attract peace of mind & general contentment & happiness.

Add to the bath as an aid toward complete relaxation.

AQUARIUS - Motivating

(Jan. 21 - Feb. 19).  The House of Friendship.  Uranus is the ruling planet.  Lucky day is Wednesday.  Lucky numbers are three and four.

While Aquarius people are of a patient, faithful, & determined nature with great possibilities, they can use their special fragrance to give them that extra "get up and go" push which they often need to accomplish the goals of which they are inherently capable.

ARABIAN NIGHTS - Attracting friends

An attracting oil whose fragrance causes others to find you stimulating, exciting, & appealing.

Use it in the bath & on the body to draw many new friends.

ARIES - Increase clairvoyant abilities

( March 21 - April 20).  Mars is the ruling planet.  The House of Meditation & Ufe.  Lucky day is Tuesday.  Lucky numbers are one & two.  

Noted for their push, drive, & abilities, Aries people are aggressive & courageous leaders, capable organizers, & clear direct thinkers.  They can use this special oil which enhances their natural clairvoyant abilities, & in the work they can do in healing with their hands & magnetic presence.

ASTARTE - Fertility

Dedicated to the Mesopotamian goddess of love who dates back to about 2000 BC, Astarte was believed to have the power to help those who wish to have a child.  If that is your desire, anoint the inner thighs with this fragrance before a love session & the results may be favorable.


There can be dangers with travelling on the astral plane and it is not recommended. However, should one decide to persist in this adventure, anoint the body at the pulse centers particularly the wrists and temples and chant as the oil is applied: 

Be with me on this journey 

Keep me safe and secure. 

Ease the passage there and back 

As I venture this astral tour.

AS YOU PLEASE  - Convincing others

The use of this will bring success in almost any endeavor as it is formulated to overcome the objections of others to your plans.

Apply it to the fingertips, soles of the feet, & the throat just before you present your ideas or plans, & others will be willing to go along with your proposal.


A potent concoction formulated for love goals, enhancing sexual powers, deepening a romantic commitment, expanding the ability to accept friendship and intimacy, or overcoming mental barriers which may have caused an avoidance of any real emotional involvement.

ATTRACTION - Increase magnetism

Should always be worn when searching for a mate.  Use as a perfume, & every seven days put a few drops in the bath water to sustain a continuous personal magnetism.  For a lucky day, sprinkle a few drops in the shoes you wear.


The rays which emanate can be increased and intensified by sitting so that the head and shoulders have a completely black background. 

Anoint the forehead and around the neck. As the oil is applied lightly, chant softly with each stroke: 

I wish my aura to be clear 

Let it gently, simply appear. 

Reveal the colors soft and bright 

That it may shine a crystal light.


A quieting oil which soothes ruffled feelings and calms tensions. 

Use it in the bath, on the body, or in the home. Add to the palms of hands before discussing problems to instill courage, bring clearness of thoughts, and add strength to the user's point of view.

AZALEA - Brightening 

A fragrance for all purposes which brightens one's thoughts and eases one's burdens. 

Apply it each morning and pray silently: 

Bless my work this day, 

Let kindness come with all I say.

Should I meet someone in need, 

Help me to heal, never impede.



Add three drops to one's daily bath water to beautify the skin and, at the same time, enhance the spirit. 

Chant softly or meditate silently upon this small rhyme: 

I am me, unlike no other, 

I wish to be as good as I can, 

I want to love, but not to smother 

Those I meet through chance or plan.

BANANA - Reveal burdens

The banana grows on a palm-like plant with very large leaves which overlap at their bases to form a 'false trunk'. As the plant matures its true stem rises from the ground and pushes through the center of the 'false trunk' to emerge and become the bearer of male and female flowers. From only the female ones come bananas. The entire plant is cut down to harvest the fruit since they bear only once.

When you wish to emerge from whatever burden or misfortune is weighing you down so that you cannot flourish, use this oil as your personal scent. 

BANISHING - Get rid of visitors

Should you have unwanted visitors from time to time, and your cool reception has not discouraged them, write their names on a small square of parchment paper. 

Anoint each corner of the paper with the oil and bury the charm on the pathway to your entrance doorway. Those whose names are scribed on the talisman will soon cease their unwelcome visits.

BAPTISM - Redeeming

This rite of initiation begins with a ritual cleansing of washing away past transgressions with a clean cloth (a white handkerchief is suitable) dipped into tepid water to which a spoonful of hyssop has been added. 

Apply the dampened cloth to the forehead, nape of the neck, and backs of the hands. As this is done, read Verses I through 7 of Psalm 51.


One of the black arts' oils which creates discord, tension and havoc wherever it is used. Sprinkle on enemies, but not on yourself. 

Use it to anoint parchment paper on which evil pacts or wicked desires have been inscribed. 

A Black voodoo doll, labeled with a foe's name, and sprinkled with this oil will almost surely cause distress. Place the doll at the enemy's doorway so that it will be discovered as he enters or leaves the house or apartment.

BAYBERRY - Money & Blessings

Brings money to the pockets and blessings to the home of those who daily anoint their wrists with this legendary scent. 

Sprinkle your billfold or purse with it once every seven days and never be without money. 

To draw money, write the amount you need for a specific bill or purchase on a square of parchment and place the paper beneath a green candle which you have dressed with this oil. Light the candle and burn it for fifteen minutes each day until the amount required has been received.


Try a bit on door knobs so that all who enter will be inclined toward you. This method also acts as protection against hexes. 

If placed on each fingertip and over each temple, it is said to give one the power to bend others to your will.

BENEFICIAL DREAM - Remember dreams

The imagery which occurs during sleep is one of the extraordinary mysteries of life. Everybody dreams but no one knows why. Some believe that all four components of a person physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual contribute to one's dreams. 

While the remembrance of dreams fade fast. they may linger long enough for an examination of their content and significance if this oil is applied to the temples and nape of the neck just before retiring.

BERGAMOT - Attract riches

Wear in the palm of each hand to protect one from all harm and to dispel any hex which might be attempted against them. 

To attract riches, rub some on the inside of your purse, pocket, or wallet.


Attract customers with money to spend into your establishment by sprinkling this across the entrance each morning just prior to opening time. 

To lure browsers to a particular area of the store, rub a few drops of oil beneath the display of the goods you wish them to notice and purchase.


Not a black magic oil, but not an entirely innocent one either. It combines some angelic qualities with some devilish ones to result in an enticing, beguiling fragrance which will bind others to you with a bond of love and affection. 


Rub the lining of your purse, billfold, cash register, money clip, pocket wherever you usually keep your funds with this on the first day of each month, and every eighth day thereafter the ninth, seventeenth, and twenty-fifth. This small rite should assure you of always having sufficient cash to cover daily needs.


As the name itself reveals, use to enhance one's chances of winning by anointing each corner of the your card before the first number is drawn. 

Between each call, chant quickly and silently this rhyme: 

One, two, three, four, 

Five spaces in a row. 

Help me win, I implore, 

Fast or slow, bring my dough.


Use this with extreme caution as it is one of the most potent of the black magic oils. 

The ones who desire to bind themselves to the Devil anoint their bodies with this before signing the pact or being initiated into the cult of devil worshippers. 

For crossing one's enemies, sprinkle it in their path where they will step on it and it will cling to their shoes, causing them pain wherever they go. 

To play havoc with a competitor's business, go into his store and purchase a small item, paying for it with a bill which has been sprinkled with Black Arts Oil. This allegedly causes the money in the cash box to begin to shrink until it cannot cover the expenses of the business. 

To counteract the effects of this oil, burn Dragon's Blood Incense daily on any premises which you think may be affected as this is the only incense whose fumes can overcome the damage which may be done by the Black Arts oil.


Also known as Cat Bone, this is one of the luckiest of all scents & is favored by gamblers. 

Anoint the racing form or lottery ticket on each corner.

Sprinkle it at all entrances doors and windows to the home so that negative entities will be unable to enter and take possession of the premises. It can also be used as one's daily perfume. This assures that only favorable circumstances and friendly encounters will be experienced as the day progresses. 


Said to make impotent one who is unfaithful. 

Just sprinkle a few drops on the clothes of the unfaithful one while they are asleep. This can be used safely as it will not affect one who has not strayed.


A strong, powerful blend which bestows confidence in one's own abilities to those who use it as a daily perfume. 

It is a favorite of salesmen who need to be aggressive in their approach to customers.


Quick assistance will come to those who are in dire straits by use of this fragrance dedicated to the Mother of God. 

Apply oil to the temples and inner wrists. Kneel and pray with sincerity for aid with your particular situation or problem: 

Blessed Mary, Mother of God, 

In my hour of need I call upon you. 

Enfold Thy humble child into your love 

Strengthen me so that 

I may conquer this harmful and burdensome condition.


A romantic scent suitable for personal use. It encourages admirers as it creates that special enticing aura. 

Apply the oil to a small cotton ball and place it in one's lingerie drawer.


Allegedly a powerful hexing mixture. Apply it on a foe's doorknob so that he will be sure to touch it. Use a cotton swab or dropper as you should not get it on your own hands as in some cases it has been said that it brings instant bedevilment and disorientation. 

If you should spill any on your own self, cleanse it away thoroughly with Rosemary Oil quickly, and wait a full day before going ahead with hexing the enemy. 


Rub on the boss's or supervisor's chair, or sprinkle across the doorway of his office so that he is sure to walk over it. 

This is believed to cause the employer to look favorably upon one's work, often leading to a raise in salary and possibly a promotion to a better or more responsible position.


Includes most of the same ingredients as many of the lucky oils: This one brings good fortune to all areas of one's life when sprinkled in the shoes once a week.


The suffering usually accompanying partings can be eased by an application of a few drops of this onto a possession of the one who is leaving. 

A piece of cloth which has been worn but not yet washed is one of the most suitable talismans. If such is not available, a piece of jewelry, a dish, book, or any item that has been touched or used by the departing party is appropriate. Sprinkle the chosen item with the oil, place it in a box or container, and seal the package securely. Place the charm in a secret place where no one else will handle it. Take it out every third day and reanoint it, but do not unseal it. 

This ritual will often hold the person, preventing their planned departure.


A lady who is seeking a commitment from her loved one can hasten his decision by using as her perfume this fragrance of brides. The lady who wears this scent on her wedding day will surely have a long and happy married life.


Rub on the bottom of feet and on the wrists as a protection from evil. 

To insure yourself from sudden or violent death, secure a seal called Breastplate of Aaron and anoint it weekly with this oil.


Believed to bring one into contact with the spiritual guidance of Buddha, and to stimulate latent mystical powers, when rubbed on the forehead. 

The blessings of Buddha will be conferred upon those who keep a statue of Buddha in their home and anoint it weekly with this oil.


To increase one's strength to massive proportions, massage this into the chest, thighs, and forearms after the bath. 

For overcoming, conquering, and controlling one's enemies, carry a Seal of Mephistophilas which has been dressed weekly at each corner with this magnetic oil.


Increase traffic into the store by anointing the doorknobs and across the threshold at the entrance to the establishment. Do this daily, just before opening time.



Worn as a perfume by the daring to incite sexual feelings and to attract attention. Use it in the bath for an all over lovely sensation.


A few drops added to the burner brings quick power to controlling incenses, causing all those within its sphere to favor the plans of the first person to inhale the fumes.


June 22 - July 22. The House of Travel and Harmony. Moon is the ruling planet. Lucky day is Monday. Lucky numbers are 8 and 9. 

Cancers are great lovers of home and family. They are cautious and farsighted, but with a restless disposition and somewhat changeable. This special blend will help one through the many ups and downs of life, changes of jobs, and the inevitable upheavals in circumstances, so that the pursuit of your own happiness can proceed in a serene manner.


Should a little extra help be needed to attract more friends and lovers, sprinkle the oil across the doorstep, and use it on the wrists after the daily bath.


December 23 - January 20. The House of Business Profession. Saturn is the ruling planet.  Lucky day is Saturday. Lucky numbers are 6 and 9. 

For these practical, ambitious, proud people, their special perfume will help them get through their disappointments and to release those inhibitions which sometimes can cause one to withdraw from the social life which we all need for a well-rounded personality.


Use it to anoint the head of a sick person to hasten their recovery. 

Stimulates the energy, when used on one's own body. 

In various rituals, it is favored for anointing incense burners. 

The symbol of motherly love, this heady fragrance has potent power when one wishes to improve any relationship which is faltering. 

Use sparingly on the wrists, ankles, and back of the neck. Daily use, along with a cheerful attitude on your part, will cause others to treat you with affection and consideration.


Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good, says the Bible (Romans 12:21). 

A help in doing this is to pray sincerely as you anoint the temples with the oil. 

Oh, Father, take this burden from my life, 

Let me be free to serve Thee. 

Take from me the pain of sin and vice, 

Leave only love and kindness is my plea.


To build the potency of your black cat bone, try soaking it overnight in this once a week. Each time this is done, the charm seems to increase its powers to attract those favorable vibrations which draw good fortune to its owner.


Described in the Bible as a tree "of a high stature" and" the cedar of God,' the symbolism includes pride, power, greatness, beauty, excellence, and prosperity because of its luxuriant growth and length of life as well as a symbol of the Messiah and His kingdom. 

Use it daily as a perfume to instill confidence in all one's dealings. 

Apply it to the lips before praying so that the words will be wafted gently toward heaven and be received favorably by God. 

Anoint your Seal of Long Life with it to add to it~ powers for protecting one from misfortune and misery and insuring a lengthy stay on this earth.


(Gold and Silver) An exhilarating fragrance specially formulated to draw wealth. 

Carry with you a Seal of the Sun from the Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses. This is also called the Seal of Honor and Wealth and reputedly attracts plentiful gold, silver, and other of life's many blessings. Anoint the edges of the seal every Sunday and Thursday as these are the most auspicious days for financial enhancement.


Learn this rhyme, and sprinkle the oil at your entrance way. 

In rainy weather, it will cheer things up, 

In cold winter, it can warm the heart. 

On cloudy days, it will bring the sunshine, 

On lonely days, serenity it does impart.


Wear as a perfume, or add to the bath, to cause one to become cheerful, gay, light hearted, and good humored.


According to legend, those who use this scent will be rewarded with the five great blessings happiness, health, virtue, peace, and long life.


An enticing oil which is designed to soften the hearts of all one's foes or opponents.

To have one's letter received favorably, apply a dab to the top left corner of the paper before one begins to write, and to the lower right corner when one's writing is finished.


From the rockrose plant of Cyprus (the birthplace of Aphrodite), this scent was brought into England by the 12th Century Crusaders. 

It is a favorite of gamblers who use it for luck when playing, and is highly regarded by business people who have contact with the public in their work. 

Rub some on the hands to bring great financial gains.


Add to scrub waters for extra strength to bring good luck to the premises. 

Used in incense to magnify its powers. 

Especially effective if added to Fast Luck Incense when you need extra-fast action. 

Mix with Sandalwood Powder to induce powerful and intense vibrations which aid in one's meditations.


Attracts friends to the home and customers to a place of business when this pungent scent is added to the floor wash water. 

Use it to anoint a Third Pentacle of Mercury design so that you will be more eloquent in letters, papers, or any writings. Keep the talisman in your stationary box and anoint it around the outer circle each time you begin writing.


A musk-like fragrance which has many uses: 

Rub on the hands for protection.

Anoint the feet for spiritual enlightenment.

Apply to the throat and beneath the breasts as a love perfume.



A crossing oil which is believed to cause great distress if rubbed on another person.  Be sure of your intentions before using this potent mixture.  Best results are obtained when it is applied to the foe in the evening so there is little chance it will be bathed away for several hours.

A truly havoc-wrecking spell may be made by burning an enemy light: First, get wax (or use an already-made candle and work with it) and melt it in a small saucepan over a lo fire.  Color the wax black with candle coloring or a child's black crayon.  If using an already-made candle, buy a black one and save this step in the proceedings.  As your wax or black candle melts, add a teaspoonful of valerian herb, nine drops of Damnation Oil, and mix all together well.  Remove the liquid from the stove and pour into a mold.  If you do not have a regular candle mold, a god substitute is an empty milk carton.  After the candle hardens, just tear away the paper carton and your candle is ready.  Write your enemy's name on the candle.  Scratch it on with a small knife or pen as many times as possible so that the name is etched all over the candle's surface.  Light the candle and burn it until it is completely consumed.