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To purchase Anna Riva ® oils, a good source is Wisdom Products.

Anna Riva® 


Trusted for decades, Anna Riva oils have been a staple of esoteric stores since the 1970s.  She used her oils across many branches of the arts of magick: Conjure, Hoodoo, rootwork, Psalm magic, and Santeria. Typically, people will use the oils to "dress" candles, talismans, and mojo bags to achieve a particular purpose.  Many also apply oils directly to the body to accomplish a specific goal.

The Varieties

The Anna Riva brand captures a large range of oils, all of which Anna Riva formulated herself beginning in the 1950s and continuing until her retirement in the late 1980s.  Anna Riva designed her oils to last for years in the bottle.

Some oils are formulated for a specific purpose - love, luck, money, etc.  The brand also includes single-fragrance oils—such as herbs like Lemongrass and Ginger.  Some of the oils correlate to the planets and the zodiac signs.  Some oils are specific to certain Gods, saints and spirits. 

The Ingredients

Shhh, its a secret.  Anna Riva kept her recipes on hand written cards and never published the ingredients lists for her oils, incenses, and powders. She sold her company International Imports and her recipe cards were entrusted to the new owner Indio Products who has been the steward of her line of oils for the last four decades.

The Legend

Anna Riva's dizzying array of oils inspire brand loyalty and infuse a sense of familiarity, nostalgia and trust that engenders that mystical mood desired to get the most out of the oils.  Many inauthentic copies of her oils and other works have infiltrated the market to capitalize on the trust placed in her products.

Anna Riva® oils are packaged in gold retro labels as a symbol of authenticity and are manufactured and distributed only by the company to whom she entrusted her products, Indio Products.  

After her retirement in the late 1980s, Anna Riva bestowed her cherished recipe cards on Indio Products who shepherded the manufacture of her magical oils, incenses and powders.  For more than four decades, Indio Products has published her books and manufactured the products that she created and sold under her International Imports business.  Her oils are a trademarked brand of Indio Products and  distributed to numerous retailers.

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To purchase Anna Riva® and other spiritual products, a good source is Wisdom Products.