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Payoneer Payment Instructions

We will be sending you a Payoneer Invoice in your email address within 2-3 minutes after you click on CONFIRM ORDER on CHECKOUT PAGE and you can use all major Credit and Debit Card: Visa and MasterCard. You can either create an account with Payoneer or Pay as a Guest and there will be a fees incur in each Transaction but do not worry because The Anna Rivas Company will pay for the processing fees, all you have to do is CLICK on RECIPIENT because Anna Rivas Company will pay for the fees and then click on NEXT and fill out the necessary payment detail information. Plus, when you pay with Payoneer, you don't expose your credit card number to merchants. All payments for The Anna Rivas Company are processed through Payoneer to know more please visit Payoneer website at Payoneer accepts all major credit and debit cards and that includes Visa, Master Card and Payoneer balance. Payoneer protects your information with unbeatable security.

Follow the STEP BY STEP process:


We have thousands of satisfied customers like our loyal customer Dr. EC Fulcher from Maryland who purchased 37 custom personalized guitars worth $42,000 USD and we can provide to you his contact details to verify with him personally that is how confident we are with our products.
Daniel Pepin and this is one of his concert tour performance:
This is our loyal customer Darius Scheider. This is his website:
You may check our Customer Reviews, Videos and Social Media Accounts:
Customer Reviews and Testimonials:
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